Are You Ready To Activate Your Heart's Desire?

Discover What Your Heart is Calling You To Do and Your Clear Next Step

In the pursuit of a career, or having to take care of so many people around them, many women have disconnected from their true desires and their personal power without realizing it. 

This affects everything!

From being able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love, the state of our health, fulfillment in our work, and to the unfortunate situation of women competing against women everywhere.

Feeling the call to make a difference is a gift offered to us by life that guides us to be and live our true potential.  

Yet moving from the yearning we feel in our hearts, into true leadership of our contribution in the world requires us to discover, acknowledge and OWN our unique gift.

It's time to release yourself from being pulled into other people’s agendas and start doing what is best for YOU!

Thank you ! MaryAnn, I had no idea on how it would affect me. I was actually thinking of skipping the workshop because I didnt want to give off negative energy yesterday. When I walked in I felt so happy I was able to make it happen.  

I actually came home and look at faces that were glowing because I was! Thanks it was a very different aura at our house last night! --Tara C.

Have you always done the "shoulds" in life?  

Is your career no longer lighting you up?

Do you feel disconnected in your relationships?  

Schedule your FREE 45-minute

Heart's Desire Discovery Session 

and uncover your next step toward living a more meaningful, fulfilling and abundant life  

This session is for you if you...

  • Experience mind chatter that keeps you from taking the next step
  • Have a pattern of indecision and settling for less than you deserve 
  • Want to be calm, confident and unshakable, even during conflicts 
  • Want to create healthy boundaries while keeping your heart open  
  • Want a career that inspires you and deeply satisfying relationships

Ok, Maryann! You said this was a time for birthing - if I birth any more ideas or magnetize any more - I am going to need a nanny, a doula, and a housekeeper!!! On the plus side more and more resources keep appearing - so I am just going with it!! Bring on the birthing!!! --Jessica B.

Experience less stress and anxiety and overwhelm learn how to replenish your energy throughout the day.  

Embody Your Feminine Power And Access Your Inner Guidance

Makes It Easy For You To Replenish Your Energy Throughout The Day So You Don’t Burnout

Instructs You On How To Be Authentically Confident In Every Situation 

Shows You How To Quickly Bring Yourself Into Your Body So You Can Respond From The Truth Of Your Being

Empowers You To Own Your Value and Be Confidently Decisive 

Encourages You To STOP Worrying About How You Will Navigate The New Season Of Life You Find Yourself In

Thank you, Maryann, for leading and coaching me into my inner wisdom and desire. I highly recommend coaching with Maryann Hesse! -- Lori DiGuardi, Professional Speaker and Coach

Own your value. Ask for what you want. Never settle for less than you deserve.

What: 45-minute Complimentary Heart’s Desire Discovery Session

Why: Don’t leave the planet with the music still IN you.  


Not sure this is for you? Here's what others are saying...

I have been excited by the possibilities of connecting with a soul mate for a while and it wasn’t happening. 

The practices gave me a sense of presence and connection with my feminine self that was very grounding and allowed me to create a container for my energy so I didn’t give it away.

Recognizing the empowerment that I had experienced being in my own feminine power it made it easy to decide about people, and I didn’t carry on with men and try to have a relationship that was not healthy for me. I was able to speak up.

I would recommend this work to any woman who wants to be truly seen and appreciated for who she really is.


I have to give a shoutout to my coach/healer Maryann Hesse. 

Attending one of her intros to Art of Feminine Presence over 2 months ago has revolutionized my life-–personal family and business. 

You will magnetize things into your life that will transform it miraculously. 

--Jessica Badowski,

Two Busy Gals, Consulting Agency

Powerful, empowered and moved are words I would use to describe Maryann Hesse’s experiential workshop I attended this weekend. 

Getting out of your “head talk” and communicating with your “core being” helped me focus on what inner powers I possess. The power to reach my goals, be happy with who I am and recognize what is really important to me. 

Underlying emotions, struggles, and goals became unearthed. I had an epiphany… my family is the most important thing to me not work! 

While I am very passionate about what I do and it is part of what makes me tick, it is not everything.

--Jody Liller

Liller Designworks

So... are you in?

Are You Ready To Activate Your Heart's Desire?

What your heart is calling you to do 

is RARELY what you think it is!